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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2012 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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>> thank you, sir. >> i am tony kelly. thank you for your grace and consideration. i will continue the non- population quibble about the ucsf hospital. i want to draw your attention to the mission bay task force that net per year in 2007 and 2008 for the purpose of examining the impact of the future development on the eastern neighborhood. they held eight meetings and two workshops over the course of a year. this is a list of their members. important thing to know is that they had nine residents and representatives from district 6 constituencies and 10 representatives and residents from district 10 on the task force. this is one of the maps the task force came up with. it is a map of community issues
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and opportunities and future development of mission bay. i have highlighted in red what is listed as areas of greatest community sensitivity. think about this. this was a task force with residents of district 6 and 10 and they all agreed the area of the greatest community sensitivity for future development was in dog patch and on petro hill. that matches what you find today on the ucsf website for the advisory group. [tone!] it has representatives from district 6 and 10. if ucsf and their constituent groups have clearly split in the past, we see no reason why you should not continue to do that.
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that would argue for putting the hospital side at 16 as the border between districts 6 and district 10. thank you very much. do not stay up too late tonight. [tone!] >> thank you. >> i gave you a map so you can look at that. my name is angelica with the market community action network. it is a multi-racial organization. we were born out of the advocacy and organizing efforts of many community leaders in soma and the filipino community for over 20 years. i am here to remind you of the community unity map presented to
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you on april 4 at the general meeting. you heard from dozens of community members and leaders who spoke in support of our plan from across san francisco and representing a wide number of communities of concern. we commended you on the draft map presented on march 12 achieving many of the goals of our own consensus process was trying to accomplish. we are concerned about the direction the most recent draft map has taken. one is the understanding of trade-offs among community members and organizations that were able to reach across geographic and ethnic boundaries to develop consensus around and out for the city districts. i am here to echo the need of
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the filipino community to stay in district 6, especially on the 15th street corridor. there are a lot of filipinos in that area. they have the same interests as a lot of filipinos in the tenderloin south of market. we want to make sure they stay in the district to make sure they have affordable housing, adequate services. [tone!] we want to make sure they of culturally competent services that they receive from the community. we want to make sure you continue hearing the community today and a different resonance speaking to keep district 6 south of market together. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. >> it is ok. [tone!] >> good morning, a task force
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members. my name is lorenzo. miami tenderloin resident and a member of the association has a membership base of over 150 filipino residents in the tenderloin. i would like to ask everyone in the task force to consider the impact on district 6. soma/mission/tenderloin has been the starting point for many filipino residents and families historically. the filipino community has been part of that district since the 1920's. this is where we could find affordable housing, adequate jobs and services that the new immigrants need. it is extremely important that the filipino community stays together. if you move the line to 15th and extended from valencia -- it is really important for us that our
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communities stay together in district 6. >> thank you, sir. >> good morning, a task force. my name is jesus. i am a resident of soma. please keep soma together by including 15th street. thank you. i hope you keep it together. >> thank you, sir. >> good morning. i am a resident of tenderloin. i am also a volunteer. i am representing low-income
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families in soma, mission, tenderloin. the filipino residents in san francisco have faced challenges to development. pushing out our community, the filipino community has been part of the district's six neighborhood. we urge you to support the filipino families and please remove the northern border. remove the northern border. it is important to us that the community stay together in d6. thank you. >> thank you, man. >> my name is raymond castillo. i work with a lot of filipino youth in district 6.
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soma has been the starting point for a lot of filipinos. a lot of filipino immigrants deal with a lot of stuff like culture shock, bilingual, bullying, and all of this. there is no high school in soma. after middle school, all the years go to different high schools. it is the committee that keeps them together. we urge you to keep us together in district 6. if you move the line to 15th, extended from -- extend it from valencia. thank you. >> hello? i am part of the youth group called ye.
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-- yes. i have invested 13 years of my life south of market helping youth, teaching them the issues of what is going on right now. there the next generation -- they are the next generation that will one day influence others, their next generation. they will be the ones that may be one of you guys one day. so, of all of this time we have been working in our organization, we know the hardships and how long it takes to get something done. nothing just happens in one day or one meeting. you guys know, you have been through this topic so many times tried to figure out where to put everything. on behalf of my peers and family members, we request 15th street from valencia to harrison be
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within district 6. we have worked so hard working with the people there. all those years, if we are separated, that connection with everybody will be lost. [tone!] being part of the disparate district -- of a different district has their own obligations and ideas. we want to keep 15th street from valencia to harrison within district 6. we want to keep our community together. thank you. >> thank you. following mrs. henderson will be deanne, doug, and chris. >> good morning. i am a resident of district 10. today i am here is a staff
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person for supervisor olague in district 5. we received quite a bit of correspondence. i wanted to make sure you were aware of what the supervisor has received in her office from members of different neighborhoods. we have gotten a number of letters from the lower haight, particularly around the commercial corridor and 55 laguna. we're wanting to bring it to your attention that there is a significant amount of interest in bringing 55 laguna into the district as well as keeping the haight street recorder complete. we have received correspondence from the [unintelligible] and want to be sure to highlight that sunset feel connected
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mostly to the haight and panhandle. they feel like they would be disconnected if they were cut off and included interdistrict for. -- into district 4. we have received several letters in the past few days from residents on grove and schrader. [tone!] we want to make sure we support the constituents who have reached out to us. we want to encourage you to hear the proposals they have presented in terms of including that block in nopa and making sure they are part of district 5 as well and connected to the panhandle. thank you very much. >> thank you, ma'am. >> hello, task force. i am super short.
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i m and in turn at the south of market committee action network. part of our program involves giving direct service to filipino and latino families which includes information about affordable housing, sro, tru's, and also giving you for leadership -- youth leadership for the communities. we give as much support as we can to the families. the south of market tenderloin has been a starting point for many filipino immigrants and their families. due to high cost and development, many filipinos have been forced to relocate to other parts of san francisco.
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meanwhile, we have established community centers, businesses, and the only pilipino bilingual school. their churches concentrated for filipino residents and families. filipino residents in san francisco have faced challenges do to politics and development dividing our committee. there was the expansion of the financial district. [tone!] with the development pressures in the south of market committee, hopefully this does not continue with the redistricting process. it is really important the filipino community stay together. our youth needs to stay together. please move the line to 15th and extend it always to harrison. it is important for us to keep the community together. [tone!] we want to stay together in district 6.
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♪ please keep our family together ♪ [applause] >> we should just end there. >> there is almost perfect parity. we tried to preserve the tenderloin. we failed. >> hold on for one second. ladies and gentlemen, please start again. >> i am kind of fast. in a political system that only has two viewpoints, people just need to take care of their own traditionalists. your style meant secondary issues like the tenderloin did not get the attention it deserved. i request the same things everybody else is requesting, the small change, mainly to save the bristol hotel and marina manor.
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if you are trying to keep district 6 as a 1% district, that may be impossible. it is offered based on where we are now and europe at the peak of your understanding. just one moment of your unbiased thought -- we have been pinned down for six months with no help from our supervisor's office with a predictable outcome that only proves that point. >> thank you, sir. >> good morning, a task force. i am the managing director of the studio located in the south of market area, a filipino- american performing arts center. i am a longtime worker there and also a former resident. i am here to echo what all the
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other philippine constituents have talked about as far as maintaining the border on 15th street between valencia and harrison. what everyone else failed to mention is the reason why we want to go that far, besides the density population of filipinos, is because one of my favorite coffeehouses is over there. filipinos really love coffee. [laughter] seriously, historically as you know, filipinos have been an essential part of the south of market area. that is very inclusive of that area. there is a church near there. there are areas there that are very important to filipino- americans. we want to make sure we keep our community intact. thank you for all of your hard work. thank you for keeping the giants
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in district 6. filipinos love the san francisco giants. we have heritage night on may 2. thank you. [tone!] >> my name is doug comstock. i want to talk about a block north of panhandle. we want to keep this block in the panhandle because we're stronger together. it is a beautiful blocked. it is a victorian blocked. it has nothing to do with the richmond. it is entirely panhandle architecture. it is part of our community. thank you for restoring 11 of
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the blocks. however, is integral to our neighborhood and battles against st. mary's and their encroachment for outpatient services throughout our residential district. if we were not there to fight them, we would not be a residential district. we would be all outpatient services for that hospital and usf. we are continuing the battle. we have been doing it for 25 years. we need this blocked because it is right next to st. mary's hospital. it would be the first hit if we did not have it within our district. there has emerged a new block. it is new construction. it is pretty well known as the fulton plaza. it is only a few years old. these people are not invested in the battles we have been invested in all these years. there are 391 soles there.
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we have only 309 on the block we're talking about. [tone!] it does not dilute the asian vote in district 1 as much as the bloc you are considering. our thanks to chris for helping us come up with this. i know he would have suggested it to you if his time had not run out. i have to do several times where we want this block in. please keep us all together. we are stronger together. thank you. >> thank you, sir. i apologize, pat, i cannot read your last name. >> my name is chris. alamitos-year resident and
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homeowner -- i am a nine-year resident and homeowner of the bloc we're talking about. i think it is an important and unique block to be concerned about. there are community issues tied to the panhandle. we're physically and geographically tied to the panhandle, not district 1. physically, we are a series of homogeneous victorian homes. it is a flat area, part of the panhandle. from a geographical standpoint, there is a massive wall. ucsf and golden gate park wrap bus and includes as part of the panhandle. there is a huge hill as well. to include our block as part of district 1 would be creating an island out of the block.
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we would be separated from district 1 in the longer part of the panhandle. that is the concern. >> bank you, sir. -- thank you, sir. pedro de jesus? ok. pat s. ok. robert rusky. then if there are other names? >> good morning. my name is robert rusky. i am part of the planning group. i congratulate you for surviving the process. thank you for your sensitivity,
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intelligence, and integrity. it is a tough task. i think you have done that. we want to thank you for reuniting japantown several months ago and reunited with the fillmore and keeping us together in district 5. you have kept these historical communities of interest together. it is very important to all of us. you have done more than that. you have helped the process of reinvigoration of the historical bonds between those communities that have been damaged by the effects of development. we're looking forward to the next 10 years and keeping these communities together through the next redistricting process against anticipated population increases on the east and south , but that is the topic for another day. we like the lines that were drawn on the northern boundaries. we urge you to keep them.
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one personal note, speaking for no one else but the people in the cathedral hill, we have participated in the japantown planning process. we would support their desires as to which the district they would like to be located in. [tone!] thank you for all of your hard work and integrity. >> thank you, sir. 5 remaining names. is there anyone whose name i did not call who is switching to share public comments? -- who is wishing to share public comments? >> thank you for all of your hard work. i appreciate what you have done. i live in the north mission. i want to go like walter for
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reuniting the mission. should the 90% have to pay to unify a group that small? i do not think so. the difference in character between mr. 9 in district 6 is remarkable -- between districts 9 and district 6 is remarkable. have we seen nonprofits stopping displacement? no. we are seeing a bunch of new residential development projects. the nonprofits have been awol. it has been a neighborhood-based operation. the eastern neighborhoods and nonprofits lost it and say they want to be part of the neighborhood. they blew it. we're seeing displacement more than before the plan. you are more likely to lose -- the population was in
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eviscerated. i do not think there is a connection. the issues of north mission are in sync with the mission proper. my neighborhoods are centered around a marshall school. d9 is a progressive district. i have a problem thinking there will be any sort of disenfranchisement of anyone in our community in the north mission is included in district 9. invoking walter again without my singing, "love will keep us together." please keep the mission together. [laughter] >> thank you, sir. >> i do not know how i can follow on that. i cannot sing. i do want to thank you all for your hard work on coming up with
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this working plan, especially in district 10 keeping it whole. there are many issues we have fought for years on. there are many more issues we need to continue to work on. one small fix that will be a continuation of other comments, i do believe the northern boundary should be moved to 16th street. in terms of accountability and representation, having to the supervisors -- two supervisors representing mission bay is more powerful than just having one supervisor. with potential future development along the quarter, i think it would be very appropriate to have the boundary moved to 16th street. i also want to thank everyone for keeping west side courts in district 5. it is an important community
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that needs to stay in district 5. i want to thank you for keeping the omi in district 11. there's a lot of advocacy, and it has shown that the task force has worked hard to represent communities and neighborhoods of interest. thank you so much, and thank you for taking a saturday of your time. goodbye. >> thank you, sir. [reading names] >> good morning, members of the task force. i want to thank you for all the work you have done, especially to keep the north of panhandle area in district 5. i was not intending to speak this morning, but i do feel there is the need for a little correction to the characterization of the lucky market block that is between mcalester central, fulton, and
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the sonic, as being outside of the nopa area. i was the vice-chair of the coalition that was formed in 1997 to ensure that development would not have a serious negative impact on the neighborhood. that coalition was independent, but most of the people that were part of it were members who lived in the area. one of our main tasks was to make sure that that project, which in its original design was essentially a gated community where everyone was essentially blocked out of the neighborhood, to make at least part of that project open to the neighborhood. i should also point out that several of the members, the residents of that project are numbers, so i would like you to numbers, so i would like you to take those factors into account